My name is Jennifer, and I am a client of Christine West. I just have to say that Christine is truly amazing. I had a severe peanut allergy that landed me in the hospital more then once, and because of the work Christine does my allergy is gone. My family can finally have peanut butter in the house again, they are so excited. My co-workers were not allowed to eat any kind of peanut products around me, I would instantly turn RED and my tongue would swell. Now they can enjoy peanut products again at their desks. I also had numerous air born allergies that I no longer have to deal with, my husband had to do all the laundry because of the mold that was in my basement. And today because of Christine I am able to go into my basement to do laundry. I have not had a panic or anxiety attack since I starting see Christine, she has helped me emotionally with issues I have known about and also some we discovered together. I have grown so much as a mom, wife and friend, owing this all to her. She is truly compassionate about her work and it shows on how she treats people. She is always considerate and understanding, and will not push you into anything you are not ready for. My life has truly changed forever and I have Christine to thank for that. I have learned amazing things about myself and have gained an a great friend in the process.

Thank you,


Christine West is a phenomenal human being. Healing us from the inside out she makes us whole again. I have had a number of sessions with Christine and each time I have evolved. I feel safe, almost as if swaddled with peace the minute I walk through the door of the treatment room. From light therapy to tuning forks, the whole experience is amazing. I can’t thank you enough Christine. You have opened my eyes and my heart, I am forever grateful.

Sending you love and light,


Chris and I met almost two years ago. She has eliminated my hip pain and improved my gait. I feel wonderful and everyone has noticed the change. I have great confidence in her knowledge and credibility.

She talked about the facial treatment she learned abroad and that she would be offering this here soon. I really didn't think about it too long and began the process. The application of various size facial cups and different levels of suction was very relaxing. Very soon, I noticed changes in my face. The most impressive to me was my "cheek pads" which had migrated south. Very quickly they began to plump up and I could smile again without looking like a topographic road map.  My marionette lines improved at least 50%, as did my crows feet and pucker lines around my mouth. I love the new me!


It has been my good fortune to have been referred to Chris West one year ago. Her treatments of applied physiology throughout the year have brought me relief from so many lingering ailments including elimination of swollen thyroid (because it had been underactive for ten years) and freedom from bladder and kidney infections. I had experienced them for twenty-five years.

Her treatments involve balancing a person on all levels: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. She is truly gifted in her compassionate, gentle and intuitive approach. I have been forever benefited and I remain grateful.



Getting to know Christine is part of my path... She should be a part of yours too. What started out as a potential business project, has ended up as a wonderful friendship with a gifted and caring person.

We would talk business, logos & website design, but then inevitably start discussing life. Discussing life with Christine is so much more interesting and enlightening. She has a great point of view with a pragmatic approach. I've asked lots of people what they think enlightenment is... Christine is the only person who was able to answer me succinctly, without pause and with great belief. I know she gets it. I'm beginning to get it too just by knowing her.

If you're reading these testimonials to decide whether of not to call Christine, I cannot give you a better recommendation than to say that she has worked on me too. Just like the other people on this page, I love her work. If you are tired of the same monotonous, mundane treatment for things that other people/doctors don't understand about you, then call Christine and talk to her. She will understand and help you... And then you will be another one of us posting a great testimonial for her!


I had all but given up on finding any help for myself, until I went to see Chris West. For the past fifteen years or so I had seen many doctors, nurse practitioners, four dermatologists, one skin specialist and even an acupuncturist. I had taken many pills were over the counter and prescription. I even took natural herbs that were recommended by people that didn't know what they were doing. I had rubbed creams, lotions and powders on my body , some helped temporarily and some of them didn't help at all.  When I went to see Chris I was on four prescription medications. Prilosec for my hiatial hernia, Adalat for blood pressure, Premarin for hormone conditions and Hydrochloroth for water retention. The first time I saw Chris she me that I was allergic to over two hundred things. She told me what I could eat and what to stay away from. I followed her advice and don't remember when I had ever felts so good!  I see Chris just about every week, she has helped me so much. After less than two months I was off all my prescription drugs! I felt GREAT!  I even took my baby dog to see her, because he would just hate to have a bath and the groomer would get more water on her than she would the dog. After only one treatment from Chris, I am thrilled to say my dog loves his bath and I no longer have to crawl in the back of the car to get him when he goes to get groomed. In fact, he runs in and greets the groomer like she is a long lost buddy and is a perfect gentlemen while getting a bath.  My only regret is that I did not find her or someone like her fifteen years ago! I would recommend her to anyone.

God bless you for coming into my life when I needed you most!


 Chris has worked on both me and my dog for a variety of things.  With regard to my own sessions with Chris, I have noticed definite changes in how I feel.  Overall, I have felt less stressed and much more relaxed and after working on my eyesight issue I have had dramatically less eye tension.  She has also cleared both dairy and wheat allergies for me.  My dog had an allergy that made him itch all of the time.  I suspected he was allergic to the flea control product I was using on him.  Chris worked on him to clear it.  Just hours later he was itch free!!!


My medicupping with Christine was an amazing experience...the results were more than I expected or imagined! My skin/wrinkles were pretty bad, so much that I hated looking in the mirror. I even went as far as seeing a cosmetic surgeon...but he recommended a chemical peel, which I was not comfortable with, especially the long healing time!

I am extremely pleased with my results after a little over a month of medicupping and following Christine's recommendations for supplements and skin serum. Putting on makeup is now a pleasure, my skin texture is very smooth and there are a lot less wrinkles!

Thank you Christine for changing my life!!!


I found the treatment of medicupping for my face to be effective, pleasant and deeply relaxing.  Even after the first session, I noticed a difference in my appearance. After each treatment my skin became softer and my wrinkles less pronounced. Even after my treatments have finished, my skin has held up very well. Try it, you will love it!


Testimonials From Peaceful Journey Home Customers

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