A technique used with various size cups and a therapeutic grade machine with multiple modes and variant suction levels.  This negative pressure helps pull out inflammation, mobilize stagnation, reduce pain, lesson adhesions, soften scar tissue, increase circulation and lymph drainage, reduces solid bloat, eliminate debris/toxins, reduce cellulite, pre/post surgery and much more.



The MediCupping-VacuTherapy reduces the physical formation of Solid Bloat. Heat from inflamed tissue slowly dehydrates the surrounding lymph, which inhibits normal drainage, circulation and hydration. Fascia fuses together from the heat and the congestion spreads through the upper tissues and skin surface. This inflammation can come from a myriad of sources such as surgeries, injuries, chronic movement patterns, exposure to toxicities and childhood diseases.


I also offer Medicupping VacuTherapy FACELIFTS and BODYWRAPS.


Medicupping Vacutherapy Standard Session

60 Minutes   $70

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