The services that I offer are multi-disciplinary and have been divided into 3 main groups to help you find what you are looking for. If you are not sure of the treatment that would be best for you, contact me to discuss your needs.


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I am experienced in many healing modalities but the one that you need is the one that is most important. Please contact me to discuss your needs so we can form a plan to help you.


Below is a list of the modalities that may be right for you:

Applied Physiology, Dreamtime, Reiki Master, Theta Healing, Reference Point Therapy, Thought Field Therapy, Touch for Health, Tuning Forks, Raindrop Therapy, White Light Essences, Tarot Whispers



I provide a wide range of experience with Massage Therapy. Depending on your needs, I can provide the proper massage therapy for you.

My specialties are:

~ Swedish Massage

~ Deep Tissue Massage

~ Sports Massage

~ Pregnancy Massage

~ Trigger Point Therapy

~ Gua Sha Therapy



This is an amazing therapy that helps with inflammation,  stagnation, pain, adhesions, scar tissue, circulation and lymph drainage. It can reduce solid bloat and help eliminate debris & toxins. Medicupping Vacutherapy is an excellent compliment to the other modalities listed above.

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