MediCupping-VacuTherapy on the body increases circulation, drains lymphatics and eliminates solid bloat. The body wrap is customized to support your individual needs.


A wide range of body wraps are available using essential oils that promote detoxification, fat dissolving, toning, anti-cellulite, diuretic, insomnia, anxiety, immunity, irritability, lung support and many more.


The body wraps will support your body's natural healing process while leaving you feeling deeply relaxed. Facelift with lymphatic drainage is included with all body wraps.


Benefits Of Body Wraps:

• Weight Loss

• Body Contouring

• Cellulite Reduction

• Improved Immunity

• Lung Detox (Ceasing Smoking)

• Body Detoxification

• Emotional Support

• Stress Release


Bodywrap  Session

90 Minutes   $125

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