The goal of Peaceful Journey Home is to heal your Mind, Body, Soul and Spirit.  There are many problems that persist in ones life from chronic aches and pains, illness, allergies, disease, fears, depression and addictions. You may not know where these issues came from or why you are suffering from them. There are reasons why they are in your life but that does not mean that you must live with them. Peaceful Journey Home is the solution to your problems that you do not understand and an answer to how to treat them.


Upon entering this life, we have many experiences that have molded us into who we are today. Some of these experiences have created our outlook on life and seem to have entrapped us into living with certain negative thoughts, beliefs and fears.  Understanding these and their origins, frees us of our past and heals our present, physically, mentally and spiritually.


Because you are reading this and exploring different modalities to heal and awaken yourself, you are ready to take a step forward to a new level of understanding and growth.

If you would like help with any of the following problems, Peaceful Journey Home can help.

•  Stress • Weight Loss  •  Anger  •  Anxiety  •  Addiction  •  Allergies  •  Insomnia

•  Pain Management  •  Emotional Trauma   •  Food Intolerances   •  Lack of Focus

•  Major Illnesses  •  Low Self-Esteem  •  Environmental Sensitivities

"Dare to challenge your beliefs and truths. You are so much more if only you could acknowledge it".

Christine West

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